PHP Fundamentals

Learn to code in the language that powers much of the internet.

Course Overview

During this course you will be taught to grasp the fundamentals of coding in PHP. You will learn about how it fits into the web programming stack and will become comfortable understanding basic programming concepts.

Who’s it for

  • Anyone starting out their coding journey
  • Front end developers looking to venture into a backend language
  • Software testers wanting to gain insights into how applications are built

What you’ll learn

Learn how to create a basic application using PHP

Learning Outcomes:

  • What PHP is and where it is used
  • The basic syntax of the PHP programming language
  • How to use variables to modify information that changes during a program
  • Different data types in PHP like string, numbers, boolean values, arrays, objects
  • Conditional statements
  • What functions are and why they’re useful
  • How to troubleshoot programming problems
  • How to use online resources


  • Environment
  • Variables
  • Data types – Arrays Objects
  • Conditionals
  • Native functions
  • User-defined functions
  • Loops
  • Debugging


Students must bring their own laptops.

  • Download the latest version of Google Chrome
  • An IDE –, PHPStorm or SublimeText
  • MAMP or WAMP (mac or windows)

Code of Conduct Policy

Punctuality, participation in discussions, completion of assignments, and demonstration of professional courtesy to others are required. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the workshop. Passing requires attendance to the full workshop.

Terms and Conditions

50% deposit on the course fee is required to secure a place in the course.
The deposit is due latest on the 1st of the month in which the course is set to run.
The remainder of the course fee is due by Friday during the first week of the course.
The deposit is nonrefundable – it may be credited to a later course if the student is unable to attend the course signed up for originally (this must be agreed upon before commencement of the course).
CodeSpace has the right to delay commencement of a course if minimum student capacity has not been reached.

Course Details

Length: 2 hours

Duration: 4 weeks

6 Beach Rd, 403 Old Castle Brewery, Woodstock, Cape Town,



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