JavaScript, not to be confused with another programming language, Java (or your morning coffee order), is a dynamic programming language primarily used for web development. In 1995, when JavaScript was first introduced, it received harsh criticism and many developers were quick to point out its flaws. However, after two decades of development, JavaScript has evolved to become one of the most prevalent programming languages. From staple applications like Gmail to creative personal websites like this one or innovative products like Google Maps, JavaScript is used to build beautiful and functional applications on the web. If you’re looking for a career in web development or just want to build a personal website, JavaScript is a fantastic skill to add to your arsenal. Beyond the web, JavaScript is also being used in mobile app development, desktop app development, and game development, so no matter what you’re interested in creating, JavaScript could be the right programming language for you! Here are some other benefits of learning JavaScript:

ONE | A gentle learning curve It’s a lot simpler to get started with JavaScript than it is with other programming languages. It simplifies many of the complex details of the machine so you can focus primarily on learning how to program and start creating. Additionally, you can get started with coding JavaScript in your web browser without setting up any development environment!

TWO | A large community One of the biggest advantages of learning JavaScript is that you are joining one of the largest communities of programmers. As you learn to program you will realise the tremendous importance of support – the developer community is all about giving and receiving assistance. JavaScript has the largest community on StackOverflow, a programming Q&A site, so if you have any questions about learning to program there are tons of people out there willing to help!

THREE | Career opportunities As small businesses go online and the tech industry grows, the demand for skilled web developers is continuing to rise. According to OfferZen, a tech recruitment agency, JavaScript is the most valuable development language that’s driving South Africa’s top companies and a skill you’ll want to have on your CV. JavaScript’s popularity will only continue to grow. The web browser is one of the most used applications on desktop and mobile devices. Technical innovation on the web is occurring every day and learning JavaScript can help you join thousands of innovators worldwide to build creative and functional projects.