Web development is about creating anything that one can access online. This goes from making simple web pages to complex web products and mobile applications

Coding website is one of the best places to start your coding journey. It’s really easy to learn, and you’re able to build useful products quickly that you can see the results of immediately. Furthermore, the great thing about learning to code in one language, like JavaScript or PHP to build a website, is that you can easily transfer what you have learnt into learning other languages such as Python or C#. The fundamentals are all the same, you just have to learn a new syntax each time.

So what does it mean to code a website? Coding is actually all to do with communication. We are taking information and manipulating it so that a computer can understand it and perform instructions for us, really quickly and repeatedly. Coding helps us to process information and display it in meaningful ways. When you code a website you are using languages that a computer can understand. These languages convert our human thoughts into 1s and 0s, or machine code, so that a computer can run these coded instructions. If you are the type of person who needs more people to listen to you, you can use code to talk to a computer and it will respond. Hopefully, in the way you want it to!

When building most technical applications you need to consider the tech stack that you are working in. This just means the grouping of language that work well together to create what your user sees on the frontend or what is happening in on the server on the backend. Broadly speaking, a web developer can specialise in frontend development, and will typically be an expert in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to present interactive, well-designed content to the user. Alternately you can specialise in backend development to manage the server-side aspect of applications where the code is hosted and data is stored. These developers are experts in languages like PHP or Python and database querying languages like MySQL. If you are able to do all of the above you are considered a full-stack developer.

A big part of web development is communicating ideas effectively using text and visuals. The CodeSpace web development courses all begin with a project where you build your very own digital resume. This can be a really useful tool for you to showcase all projects that you will build for your code portfolio.

Here are some examples of resumes that our graduates have built:

Matthew Brad

Khuanita Bright