CodeSpace’s Coding & Robotics Camps are bringing 21st Century skills to teen learners eager to absorb need-to-know tech knowledge, at school and beyond!

In the last few weeks, CodeSpace has made the next move in taking tech to SA’s young leaders. Taking coding to UCT was an exciting step, and we’ve been fortunate to follow that up by rolling out code camps to the schools who’ve so eagerly asked for them – bringing tech education right to high school students in the places they’re already learning. Our Saturday classes at UCT are in full swing, and we’ve begun an in-school programme at Camps Bay High School, as well as extra murals at Rustenburg Girls’ High and Fish Hoek High School.

Signups are open for 2020 at all three of these schools. 


Success so far

Coding lessons with a robotics focus have made a range of subjects more engaging for learners – so it’s easy to see how the knowledge being shared goes beyond tech almost immediately. Of course, for others the main takeaway is that the tech bug has bitten. Some students have already indicated that the course has made them consider wanting to study coding and robotics at a tertiary level. 

Maybe the most gratifying thing to hear from our camp attendees is the fact that they’ve had fun learning. “I like the facilitators – they’re very helpful, and willing to lend a hand,” said Payal Smlai, one of our Rustenburg Girls’ High students, when we asked about her impressions of her time with us. “It’s a really nice environment, where you can feel comfortable. Coding’s pretty easy – it’s very self-explanatory, and very logical.” 


So, what’s next?

Each of our Coding & Robotics Camps will have a new set of challenges. So, while learners who are new to our programmes can join the beginners’ track, those with some experience can take part in a camp’s specific focus area – culminating in a competition. Competitions keep things exciting, and we’re investing a lot into developing these! 

Our in-school classes also have tracks for different levels of learning: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Students can take part in other tracks that’ll teach them the practical skills of web development and app development.

We’re always adding more curriculum for those who learn at a rapid pace, and new components of code that students can use to harness the power of robots. Our robots will stay at the centre of our learning experience, so they’ll be receiving upgrades to their components as well.


How can I get a coding course in my school? 

From next year, we’ll be rolling out coding and robotics programmes at Bergvliet High School, Springfield Convent, Paarl Boys’ High School, La Rochelle, Paarl Girls’ High School, Islamia Girls’ High School, Claremont High School, Gardens Commercial High School, Curro Meridian Pinehurst Independent School, and more and more!
If you’re enrolled at one of these, you’re in already in luck and can go right ahead and sign up. If you don’t see your school’s name on the list, get in touch or sign up for our next holiday camp at UCT



Camps Bay
Springfield Convent
Paarl High School
Fish Hoek High School
Islamia College
Gardens Commercial High School
La Rochelle
Claremont High School
Bergvliet High School