Learners can enrol in free online coding courses this October & November. 

The courses teach fundamental coding concepts and guide learners to create their own app or game. 

The academic year has suffered many setbacks this year, and many schools that intended to introduce coding in 2020 have not been able to.

Learners who complete the course will be eligible to receive a certificate, and will be able to enter their projects into the Tech Leader Awards. The Tech Leader Awards will be hosted as part of the Africa Tech Festival where scholars will have the opportunity to showcase their talent on a global stage. Finalists will present at the Africa Tech Festival which takes place online from 10 – 12 November 2020, and award winners will receive their award at the prestigious AfricaCom award ceremony. Award winners will be supported by industry leaders to maximise their leadership potential. This is an excellent opportunity for exposure into the tech world. 

For those who want to continue learning, there are further courses in topics such as web development and robotics to explore. 

The course requires no prior coding experience, nor any special equipment beyond a laptop and internet connection. 

Learners can register for the free courses here: https://www.codespace.co.za/online-kids-coding-courses/